Garmin Packet Analysis

This is my start of a deeper analysis.  This is based on several packet captures.

The first "Boat One" was done at the boat with all the devices.  You can see it here: 
I also did a test of just the iPad on a network to see what iOS BlueChart would do. 
Here is a power up of just the Garmin 5212 MFD: 

All of the comments will be based on the packet numbers, etc found on the cloud shark pages.

 IP Address Description Note Macbook running Windows 7 Dlink DWL-G730 Access Point in Bridge Mode iPad 3 IOS GDS22 (Sounder) GPSMAP 5212  (called Gamin on other pages) 5212 Data Server is only device talking here. Multicast All Devices announce themselves here Multicast GPSMAP 5212 (6.0) only device talking here. GPS? Multicast (6.0) and (7.0) talk to start and then just (6.0) Multicast

Moving Tracks from Garmin to Ipad Analysis  Moving Tracks
iPad starting up on network without Garmin test:  iPad Only Test
Powering up of Garmin 5212 MFD test: Powering Up
Focus on traffice to Traffic